Winsochacoon Main Coon Cattery in Bangkok, Thailand.

Please call me Nok!

I am a truly passionate person. Born and raised in Bangkok, I have always lived in the City of Angels. This being said, I am widely opened to interculturalism as working in an international company and often traveling in Asia and Europe. Even though I have been working in engineering at Toyota for almost 2 decades, my true passions are mainly artistic: painting, dancing, and photography have always been great hobbies. Only one thing stands out of engineering and art: Cats. I am indeed a true animal lover and am especially attracted to big cats, perhaps because they look similar to me: They are independent, lovely 🙂 yet have a strong personality. My crush for tigers – their wildness and magnificent appearance – was conflicting with my wish to cuddle and lodging my dear felines. When I heart about Maine Coons, I got a huge interest. They were wild looking with the friendliest behavior and widely attached to humans. When I met my first Maine Coon… I simply fell in love! Since I wanted to share my luck of living and sharing happiness with Maine Coons. This is why I decided to have my own cattery. My deepest happiness comes when one of my kittens has a new sweet home and is truly loved by their new owner.
This is really all that counts for me!

We Care

• All our Maine Coons are certified by CFA (Cat Fancier’s Association) USA
• We offer Free Delivery in Bangkok and Chonbui
• Our Maine Coons are all guaranteed genetically healthy for one full year after delivery
• A kit including a travel box, favorite dry and wet food and vaccination book will follow your lovely kitten
Winsochacoon Main Coon Cattery in Bangkok, Thailand.
Winsochacooon is a professional Main Coon Cattery in Bangkok, Thailand.

Extra Services

• We can handle shipping service within Asia
• CFA registration service can be offered on demand to private cat owners and other Catteries

Important Notice

I am very concerned about the home and the life my Maine Coons will have with their new owners. Breeding these amazing cats is definitely not for the profit and I refuse to sell my kitten to agencies, brokers, or unskilled persons who wish to be breeders.